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PvE expansion


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Apr 29, 2020
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I think that (as for now) the server is pretty boring without many players, and it could be do-able with friends too, after.

One way to encance PvE is by adding occasional stronger mobs. They would have higher stats than regular ones, better general drops and occasional rare drops, such as an unbreakable pickaxe or a lot of money.

Another way is by adding a tiered dungeon warp. It could be accessable for a limited amount of time (eg. only on weekends). It could be in a form of a long custom cave with spawners and chests, or another custom structure. It would be reset once a week.

My final suggestion would be some kind of boss arena. Once every month there's a new boss at a warp, which would have a lot of hitpoints, attack and would use special abilities, such as summoning minions, healing and many others.

Everything I suggested above can be done with commands/datapacks, as I tried it, which also means I could help.
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Apr 16, 2020
Hi BattlNerd,

Firstly, thank you for posting these suggestions. I agree that they would make the playing experience on the server more enjoyable.

In terms of adding occasional stronger mobs, I believe this is already implemented but not on purpose as these came default with our Mob bosses plugin. However, they do not drop anything at the moment and it would be pretty cool if we could do something about that.

I like the idea of the tiered dungeon warp also, however I feel that it wouldn't be very popular at the moment as we don't have many active players but once we do, I think it would be a great idea as well as other events that can take place on weekends and throughout the week on the server.

Boss arenas also sound pretty cool, we are working on introducing custom mob bosses into a backstory for Plexus, that has been written with multiple stages that players can work together as a team to overcome these bosses and will provide huge rewards. This is all something that will be released very soon.

I am interested in discussing some of these ideas further with you however, if you would like to talk to me about them, feel free to message me on discord.
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