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Farewell Marcus says farewell


New member
Retired Staff
Apr 14, 2020
Discord name & Tag (user#9407):
Hey everyone, on 5th may I officially resigned from the Staff Team of PlexusMC.

My Journey of PlexusMC started in November 2019 and has been a wonderful and helpful experience so far.
The experience I have gotten from everyone is something I will take with me and have helped me a lot.

Working in such a community as PlexusMC is probably the most professional and helpful community I have ever worked with.
My main job while working for PlexusMC was to oversee the IGS team and have been a lovely experience.

The main reason I am leaving is because of school.
I need to focus my time on High School to achieve my goal in life. So for that reason, I don't get time to fulfill my job as a staff manager.

All schools in Norway are opening on Monday so the time I have to play will be limited.
Therefore I am not able to fulfill my job as a staff manager and decided to leave the staff team.

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful experience I have had, and I wish you all the best <3


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