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5th May 2020 | Weekly Development Update


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Apr 17, 2020
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Heyo everyone! Sorry for the late update.

Here is the Weekly Change-log of the Plexus Minecraft Server. The big focus this week was mainly preparing for the reset and actually doing the reset. As you all might know, the new world has completed rendering and the server has been reset! We added a couple of new amazing features that all of you will probably like. This week we are going to be preparing for beta so stay tuned!

If there are any changes that you want or bugs that you notice in the server, please report them in the Support tab in the Forums. We are constantly working on the server and every week we will post the Weekly Change-log for the server, as well as some things that we are working on.

  • Fixed: [Survival] Players were able to join all jobs
  • Fixed: [Survival] Players weren't able to join each other's lands
  • Fixed: [Survival] Coin flip custom amount won't show up in chat
  • Fixed: [Survival] In the stats GUI, made it so the "cyan_stained_glass_pane" is "light_blue_stained_glass_pane"
  • Fixed: [Survival] The value of the CoinFlipper bet was formatted, made it so that it's not
  • Fixed: [Survival] Rules were too big to be shown for players using higher GUI scales. Made it so they're viewable for higher GUI scales
  • Fixed: [Survival] Made the "Teleporting in 3 seconds" message in WildTP to be plexus themed
  • Fixed: [Survival] The brackets in the no permission message for the kits GUI were &f, made them &7
  • Fixed: [Survival] Made it so the social media blocks for the "/kits" gui run their dedicated commands. So for example "Discord" runs "/discord" etc
  • Fixed: [Survival] No permission message for kits gui
    • In the kits GUI, when you didn't have access to a rank and you tried to take it's kit by left-clicking, for the message that pops up in chat the colors for the brackets in the "[PlexusMC]" were not right. Made it so the brackets are &7. Also in the same message, made it so that the rank's name is the rank's prefix so for example if you left click on the Emperor kit and don't have the rank, the message would be
      [PlexusMC] You need to rankup to Emperor first"
  • Fixed: [Survival] Centered the "Unlock Chest" paper in the LWC_Basic GUI
  • Fixed: [Survival] Made the heads in the "/socialmedia" GUI run their commands so for example "Discord" runs "/discord", "YouTube" runs "/youtube" etc
  • Fixed: [Survival] LWC_Basic GUI's Title name wasn't Plexus themed. Made it so it is
  • Fixed: [Survival] Made the MyCommand no permission messages Plexus themed
  • Fixed: [Survival] Made the minecraft no permission message Plexus themed
  • Fixed: [Survival] Made the Lottery GUI Plexus themed
  • Fixed: [Survival] Replaced &c with &3 in the ClearLag warns
  • Fixed: [Survival] Villagers didn't tend to crops at all
    • Villagers didn't pick up crops or replant them at all. Figured out what this is and fixed it.
  • Fixed: [Survival] Made lottery timer Plexus themed
  • Fixed: [Survival] Disabled TNT
  • Fixed: [Survival] Made it so there is no space between the land info and the land name when you hover over a players name
  • Fixed: [Survival] Pointed "/aach info" to "/aach list"
  • Fixed: [Survival] Put the information from /jobs info into the /jobs join gui. We now have only one gui
  • Fixed: [Survival] Bug with jobs allowing people to join as many as they like, this has been fixed
  • Fixed: [Lobby] Players were unable to do /spawn
  • Fixed: [Lobby] Fixed the Featherboard to show how many people are online on the survival server
  • Fixed: [Network-Wide] Fix the compass on the lobby so it doesn't do /thru
  • Added: [Survival] Update paper
  • Added: [Survival] Gave land admins permission to withdraw land money
  • Added: [Survival] Killing an enderman has a 5/3000 chance of dropping a scroll
  • Added: [Survival] Updated the website link in /rules
  • Added: [Survival] Made the shop gui plus plexus themed
  • Added: [Survival] Add and configure MysteryBoxes
  • Added: [Survival] Beefed up the kits
  • Added: [Survival] Added the youtube to the kits gui
  • Added: [Survival] Redid the RankInfo, update all the commands as per the document
  • Added: [Survival] Gave developers access to minecraft commands because it is really annoying
  • Added: [Survival] Lands tax changed from once every 10 days to once every 1 day
  • Added: [Survival] Lands tax changed from $50 per chunk each day to $25 per chunk
  • Added: [Survival] Made a Super Item, so when you right click it, it gives you a random item out of the 45
  • Added: [Survival] Enabled the End
  • Added: [Survival] Enabled the Nether
  • Added: [Survival] Added the old survival world (just default render) as the new "/resource" world
  • Added: [Survival] Set the radius for the world teleport from 5000 to 1000 blocks in each direction
  • Added: [Survival] Set the radius for the resource world teleport from 1000 to 10000 in each direction
  • Added: [Survival] Reset every player
  • Added: [Survival] Added new world
  • Added: [Survival] Enabled mysteryboxes for everyone
  • Added: [Survival] Added a mysterybox vault at spawn
  • Added: [Lobby] Added the my command file to the lobby
  • Removed: [Survival] Removed all unnecessary permissions from Jobs
  • Removed: [Survival] Removed the vive plugin
  • Removed: [Survival] Removed fireworks from AdvancedEnchantments
  • Removed: [Survival] Removed plugin entitytrackerfixer due to it causing console spam
  • Removed: [Survival] Removed elevator plugin as there was 2 of them
  • Removed: [Survival] Removed Commandprompter plugin as it wasn't needed
  • Removed: [Survival] Removed holograms from items
  • Removed: [Lobby] Removed every command in the MyCommand plugin that wasn't relevant to the lobby

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