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17th May 2020 | Weekly Development Update


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Apr 17, 2020
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Hey everyone! It's me again! Woo! 🐑

I bring to you, again, the PlexusMC Weekly Development Report. This week's main focus was still preparing for beta. Pretty cool stuff has been done this week. And um, idk what else to say so just plz look, its super cool, I put a lot of effort into these 😜 .

[Survival] Added /h shop to the shop
[Survival] Added companion store to /shop
[Survival] Added donation store to /shop
[Survival] Added fish store to /shop
[Survival] Added horse store to /shop
[Survival] Added permission and a good way for people to do /jobs info
[Survival] Added the Fishing Menu to the /help menu
[Survival] Gave earl permission to do /c
[Survival] Made it so the scoreboard says what world you are on.
[Survival] Moved server to towny
[Survival] Re-did the crates to make them work
[Survival] Updated annoying survival Plugins
[Survival] Updated the broadcast messages

[Survival] Changed the companions prefix to be Plexus Themed
[Survival] Changed the shop title for Horses
[Survival] Changed the shop title of mcmmo horses
[Survival] Cleared up the console from errors
[Survival] Fixed companions price
[Survival] Fixed jobs permission issues
[Survival] Fixed Shop "Glass" wasn't making bulk. Wasn't clicking buy more
[Survival] King had access to 8 player vaults when it should've been 9
[Survival] Lottery was not refunding any tickets if not enough people participated
[Survival] Made it so /ranks are corrected based on the display name, some were bold while you didn't actually get a bold prefix
[Survival] Made the unknown command message look better
[Survival] Max jobs in /ranks goes from 1 to 3, made it so earl can join 2 jobs
[Survival] When someone bought a tag, it gave it to everyone. Made it so it only gives it to the player

[Survival] Disabled the MOTD
[Survival] Disabled voxel Message-On-Login
[Survival] Removed all bold text in companions messages
[Survival] Removed the "[PlexusMC]" from when someone goes afk
[Survival] Removed the error message for force disabling companions
[Survival] Set survival spawn protection to 0

No, Flacko. Not this time :)

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